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Temple of ptah






From Whence We Came

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Freemasonry of the Ancient Egyptians by Manly P. Hall




Kemetic Yoga classes for

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BRO. Tehuti







Our mission is to establish and promote a foundational base to house the ancient kemetic mystery systems of antiquity. We are to steadfastly studying, practicing to preserve, protect, and conceal for ourselves with strict obligation, the legacy of a legitimate and lawful craft. It is sanctioned by our ancestors through astrological divine maat of cosmic law. This is our claim and our inheritance which seals our birth right . It is through the duly initiative degree a structured framework for the craft is blueprinted. this is rightfully masonic in nature and  styled the Masonic Descendant of the pyramids. this ancient masonic system is by way of ancient Kemet, Ethiopia, Nubia  Chaldea as well as the Olmec. and Mayans civilization compose the backbone for which we are erected.It is upon this claim that we are the custodians  vessel of knowledge, wisdom, and spiritually. All which constitute the entitlement of ownership though the cosmic insignia "Genetic Melanization; the key carbon form of cosmic eternal life.






This Brotherhood is founded on the seven oracles of maat. those seven principles are : truth,justice, harmony, balance, reciprocity, order, and propriety. These are the basic principle of morality which enabled our ancestor to provide this world with the sciences of astronomy, agriculture, medicine and the Art and most of all humanity. The brotherhood will use these principle as a guide to recruit and teach young men and women about their history , culture and heritage as it relates to Freemasonry. This will provide a course of purpose to help to elevate our people Politically, Economically, Masonic and Spiritually.



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